Katie Baczewski (Nepal)

Katie Baczewski

Katie Baczewski (Care Women): is pursuing a Masters of Law and Development at the Fletcher School at Tufts University. She is focusing on development economics and gender analysis. She is interested in the ways that women's control of their reproductive health can promote social and economic empowerment. Originally from the Seattle area, Ms. Baczewski studied politics at Scripps College in Claremont, California for her undergraduate degree. Her international experience includes time in the Dominican Republic, South Africa, and western Africa. She spent 2 years as a health volunteer with the Peace Corps in Burkina Faso where she worked on a variety of projects but developed a passion for working with girls and women on issues of family planning and maternal health. Ms. Baczewski will be working with Care Women Nepal, an organization which serves women afflicted with uterine prolapse. Her work will include researching mortality rates and profiling beneficiaries of health camps. She is very excited to be working with the Advocacy Project and Care Women Nepal. Email: kbaczewski@advocacynet.org

17 Jul

Dispatch from a Health Camp

On July 4th & 5th, Care Women Nepal held its 3rd uterine prolapse screening camp. In some ways this was to be the climax of my summer – to finally see in person what it’s all about, to see the organization in action. I prepared myself for an exciting and exhausting weekend. On the night […]

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Posted Jul 17, 2014

07 Jul

In search of happy endings

A week or two ago, a nurse at the local hospital told me a story. It was about an old grandmother who was sitting by her son, who worked at the health clinic. He noticed a foul smell. He started asking his grandmother questions and, after probing deeper and deeper, discovered that she has uterine […]

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Posted Jul 07, 2014

15 Jun

What is uterine prolapse?

This summer I am working with Care Women Nepal, an NGO which is currently organizing health camps to treat women with uterine prolapse. It seems a good place to start in talking about our work to start with the question, What is uterine prolapse?  This is a more complex question than it may seem, as […]

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Posted Jun 15, 2014

13 Jun

Settling In

I had almost forgotten the highs and lows of being abroad. It’s different than just travel – it comes when you are trying to live somewhere, to establish a home for yourself, even if it’s not for long. And it comes with this kind of work – the amorphous, complicated, occasionally inspiring work of “international […]

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Posted Jun 13, 2014

11 Jun

Video Blog: Peace Fellow Training in DC

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Posted Jun 11, 2014

20 May

New beginnings

In a way I feel like this adventure has already started. I’ve packed my bags, sublet my room, said my goodbyes. At the same time, I have barely begun to wrap my mind around the summer which awaits me. I’ve thought of some of the practicals – what are my deliverables? Have I packed an […]

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Posted May 20, 2014



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